Hear what Leche Libre customers are saying!

  • Leche Libre dresses are high quality, comfortable and fashionable. As a working mom, Leche Libre provides a professional look with the ability to pump with ease. I've found the dresses to be great for travel- a quick zip and you can nurse discretely on the plane! -Lynn B
  • I LOVE my dress! It’s the coolest piece of clothing I own. My toddler actually decided to stop breastfeeding RIGHT when I bought it but that has never stopped me from wearing it, I wear it all the time and am now pregnant with baby #2 so will be making more use of it again in the coming months and I’m VERY excited about that. It is great to own a piece of clothing that was made with purpose and style and was made locally by a designer— I recommend these dresses to all the new moms I know! -Rachel D
  • I get so many compliments when I wear my Leche Libre dresses! Everyone is surprised to learn how it functionally facilitates breastfeeding and pumping. The dresses made breastfeeding at home or out and about a breeze & pumping at work so much easier and faster. Even though I don't pump anymore or breastfeed during the day with my twins, I still wear the dresses all of the time. -Beth S.
  • I love my Leche Libre dresses! They are so stylish and practical for both breastfeeding and pumping. I got compliments on the dresses from people who didn't even know what their function was. Customer service is amazing. I'm excited for next time I have a baby and can buy new styles! -Allison C.
  • Leche Libre combines function and form, structure and style and allows nursing mamas something to wear that can be professional, casual, or dressy. A truly versatile and indispensable part of any breastfeeding woman's wardrobe.  -Rachel S.
  • I love my dress. It is the perfect option for casual days out or going to work. Whenever I wear it, I feel instantly pulled together, as well as super smart for making pumping at work so easy.  -Jinnie H.
  • When I went back to work after having my baby, I felt like I had to re-think my whole wardrobe. The best part of my Leche Libre dress is that (in addition to having zippers that allow for easy pumping access) it works in just about any setting. I wear it to the office with heels and tights, or to the beach with a pair of sandals and it looks great in either setting. The cut is very classic and timeless. It has pockets too! I will wear it for years to come and consider it one of my most essential wardrobe pieces. -Ashley A.
  • With my Leche Libre dress I could nurse my son quickly and easily and didn't feel like I had to wear something resembling pajamas or workout clothes to do it. Though, honestly, the dress is as comfortable as either. My son stopped nursing a year ago and I handed down all of my BFing gear, except my Leche Libre dress, which I still wear to this day. I highly recommend investing in one (or 2) of your own. -Julia P.
  • "Leche Libre's dresses are elegant pieces of clothing and well designed tools that help my wife be confident in public when she's nursing and wants to look good. I gave it to her as a gift shortly after our son was born and she's worn it regularly ever since."