Leche Libre Kickstarter!

Leche Libre is doing a Kickstarter to fund its first large scale production run and I need your help to get there.  Please donate today and you can help create a world where women everywhere can confidently breastfeed whenever they want, wherever they go in style!

Hi I'm Andrea Newberry, founder of Leche Libre and proud mama of two kiddos – Thora and Otto. 

Like most new moms, I had a pretty severe identity crisis right after the birth of my first baby. I was sleep deprived,  my body felt weird and now I was responsible for another person that needed me 24/7.  I was so busy taking care of Thora, I was overwhelmed at the idea of taking care of myself as well.

I had a really hard time finding clothing that was easy to breastfeed in My style is edgy, sleek and sophisticated but the only options I could find made me feel frumpy, unstylish and like a completely different person.  I felt like the clothing was telling me I should be ashamed of my postpartum body and I needed to cover it up with shapeless layers of loose fitting clothes. Becoming a mother had already changed my identity, and the nursing clothes I found made me feel like even more of a different person than I was before I became a mom

After the birth of my second child, I knew there had to be a better way.I was just learning to sew at the time, so  I started making a few things for myself with breastfeeding access and whenever I would wear them out, I got so many compliments about the design.  People would freak out when they realized my dress was functional for breastfeeding.  I knew I was on the right track and should keep going. 

Prior to having kids, I had no experience in the fashion industry.  This is a mission of passion for me, and I've spent the last four years teaching myself fashion design and the fashion business to develop this idea.  I've done several small sample runs for market testing and have fine tuned my designs along the way.  I've gotten feedback from over 500 women and I'm finally ready to take my Leche Libre to the next level with my first large scale production run.


The money I raise with this kickstarter will go directly toward buying material in bulk and meeting higher factory minimums to allow me to sell the same ethically produced, high quality Leche Libre garments online and in stores to at the prices women want to pay.

The collection I've designed for this kickstarter represents 3 dynamic and versatile looks all with zippers down the bust for discreet nursing access making it easier for women to fashionably integrate breastfeeding into their busy lives. 

  • The Little Black Breastfeeding dress is the ultimate in sophisticated style and can easily transition from day to evening wear. 

  • The Zipper Tunic is the signature look of the edgy Leche Libre aesthetic and transitions easily from professional to casual wear. 

  • And finally, I’m excited to debut my new Nursing Sweatshirt, which will be the first piece of my upcoming casual streetwear line. 

From home to office to formal events, these three versatile looks will cover all your bases and allow easy breastfeeding wherever you might go in style.  In reward to being a backer to my kickstarter, you’ll get the first exclusive access to these new looks at an awesome discounted rate!

Women have always been pigeonholed and pressured into cultural expectations of femininity and beauty. As moms, we face a lot of pressure to be perfect, and it doesn't help when our nursing options stifle our personal styles, forcing us to dress like people we are not. Leche Libre is pushing back against these stereotypes, redefining what a Mom can look like and creating more space for women to be their authentic selves.

I believe bringing our true authentic selves into parenting makes us the best moms we can be. Being able to wear clothing with a more edgy aesthetic was a key part in helping me regain my identity as an individual, and the functionality of the clothes I made allowed me to breastfeed more easily in public situations, making me a more confident Mom.

Any new mom can attest to feeling a lot of pressure to be perfect, and being forced to dress as someone you’re not only exacerbates this problem.  I believe we will all thrive when mothers feel empowered to be their true selves and can bring that authenticity into how they parent.

Moms do it all, wearing multiple hats throughout the day to get shit done.  mom, wife, boss, friend…   I want to help badass women everywhere express their unique individuality in any and all situations so they can be confident as women and be the best moms they can be. 

Leche Libre is changing the look of breastfeeding apparel forever.  So please, contribute today.  With your help, we can empower women everywhere to confidently breastfeed whenever we want, wherever we go, in style!  Zip and sip!


Why I Was So Unhappy With My Business; And How I Fixed It

I envisioned the day I would launch Leche Libre many times, but I never guessed how I would really feel about it.  When the day finally arrived, I didn't feel elated or excited.  I felt something was off.  I kept thinking: I love my designs and feel 200% behind the concept of making stylish breastfeeding apparel; I know the quality of my dresses is spot on and made of the best materials.  Why am I feeling so bad?

I easily met my sales goal during my two week pre-sale but when it was time to start promoting and marketing the dresses outside my of my fan base, I couldn't do it.  I felt totally paralyzed. 

After spending weeks in this mode, I realized I just didn't feel right about the $200 price tag.  Are my dresses worth $200.  YES!  But, when all is said and done, I wouldn't buy a $200 dress.  I want my dresses to be accessible and I want to sell to women like me.  I want Leche Libre to promote public breastfeeding to as many women as possible.  My price tag was sucking all the righteousness out of my purpose! 

I based my pricing on the standard fashion industry model.  I didn't know what to do.  My price didn't fit my brand but I felt totally stuck with it.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  The brand of Leche Libre is based on the concept of "Discreet Anti-authoritarianism".  I don't have to go by the Fashion Industry standard!  I need to be true to myself and my mission.  I need to throw aside the shackles of "standard" and create my own path.

I met with my fashion consultants and we came up with a new DIRECT PRICING structure based on me selling directly to you via my website only.  My new direct pricing structure gives me the control to set the price where I want it to be.

Yes, I'm taking a risk.  I'll have to do all my own promotion and not be able to lean on the crutch of stores helping me with marketing, but you can't buy what I'm selling in stores.  You'll never find a structured garment of organic locally sourced materials handmade in Chicago for $100 on a store rack.  But you can now at LecheLibre.com

To be a mother is to constantly sacrifice for others.  Leche Libre wants to create a SACRIFICE FREE space for all moms. Get the absolute best quality garments, designed specifically for your needs which make you look as powerful as you feel while breastfeeding.  If you want a kick ass dress with amazing nursing accessibility, I will get it to you!

So, with no further ado, I'd like to announce the relaunch of LecheLibre.com.  Together, we can change the conversation about public breastfeeding.  Don't let anything limit you from being who you want to be.  Be yourself.  Express yourself! 

(And this time, I'm fucking pumped!)

Why Leche Libre?

The clothing currently available for nursing is designed for the postpartum period, all comfort and no style.  This is fine for the first few weeks, but do you want to continue looking pregnant 12 months after giving birth? Do you want to be in the position of having to sacrifice your own personal appearance and aesthetic for comfort and ease of nursing?

FORM OR FUNCTIONLeche Libre gives you both stylish AND functional nursing apparel, empowering you to integrate breastfeeding into your wardrobe.  Be a stylish woman AND a capable mom at the same time! Zippers placed along each bust allow for easy nursing and pumping access.  Our fitted silhouettes are designed to be flattering to all body types.

CELEBRATE BREASTFEEDING.  The lack of style in current breastfeeding apparel seems to reinforce the idea that breastfeeding is just a short period of time to be gotten through. Leche Libre encourages you to celebrate breastfeeding by integrating it into your wardrobe with stylish clothing you'll want to wear whether you're breastfeeding or not!  Whether you choose to nurse your baby for a few months or a few years, You deserve to look as good as you feel while breastfeeding.  We want to help you represent your mom power in style!

NEVER ASK PERMISSION AGAIN.  Why should you have to worry about what situations are OK to breastfeed in?  Why shouldn't it be easy to do the most important thing?

A LECHE LIBRE DRESS CHANGES THE CONVERSATION from I can't believe you're breastfeeding here  -to-  you look amazing and I didn't even know you were breastfeeding!


Don't let anything limit you from being who you want to be.  Be yourself.  Express yourself.