Moms Top Pics To Make Breastfeeding Easy!

My best friend just had a baby a few days ago. Even though this is her second baby, she was saying she still forgot how overwhelming nursing can be.  In an effort to make it a bit easier for all you Mom's out there, I've reached out to my Leche Libre community to ask for their favorite pics of nursing products. Although breastfeeding can be hard at first, its definitely rewarding and I'm wishing you all luck, love and happiness with your babies!


I hate feeling moist.  I even hate the word moist!  Here are a few favorite products to keep those darned leaking boobs dry.


  • "Belle Bee Nipple Nurture is made of bees wax so its a bit thicker and doesn't get rubbed off as easy, helping to moisturize chaffed nipples for longer."  -Andrea of Leche Libre!
  • MotherLove nipple balm. Super healthy option available without lanolin (many women are allergic to wool and thus lanolin and don't know why their nipples burn so much!!!) -Amy L.
  • "Coconut oil was the best nipple cream for me. " -Lynn B.  (I also love coconut oil as a general moisturizer! Aldi's is a great place for cheap organic coconut oil. -Andrea)


  • "ThirdLove Nursing bras  has a really awesome fit guide which makes finding your nursing size bra cup super easy." -Andrea
  • "I have big nursing boobs so quality bras are a must."- Bergen A. suggests Hot Milk Nursing Bras and Cake nursing bras as her favorites.
  • "My fave bras came from Soma. They were underwire (Yeah, I know, but I have big boobs) and had soft cups." -Heather Nicole



  • "Loved having lots of scarves for nursing discreetly or covering leaks!" -Lauren KB
  • " I’m a huge fan of the my Boppy Best Latch Pillow . It’s larger than a normal boppy and has worked wonders for 14 months!!
    -Frankie W.
  • "Getting a car charger for my pump (medela) was great for car trips!" -Lynn B

And of course, Leche Libre is here to help mamas look stylish and breastfeed with total ease so we can celebrate the power of our life giving bodies in fierce functional fashion.

  • Leche Libre is BADASS!!! I actually feel more myself than I have in the last +4 years breastfeeding littles. -Margo K
  • I've found the dresses to be great for travel- a quick zip and you can nurse discretely on the plane! -Lynn B
  • I have the Leche Libre sweatshirt in Grey and Navy.  They are hands down the coolest shirts I own and I wear them both every week! -Allison R.