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About Leche Libre

Its hard to find cool clothing for breastfeeding. Clothes I feel comfortable nursing in are unflattering. It's hard to look professional and pump easily at work.  Dressing up for a wedding while nursing is nearly impossible and stylish clothes rarely offer discrete access.  I wanted to figure out a solution to this problem.

I've created Leche Libre to provide stylish quality clothing for easy discrete nursing wherever, whenever you and your baby want. The unique design provides zippers down the bust seams to allow you to easily access and control the amount of exposure during nursing.

Our garments are designed to create a fitted, sophisticated profile to show off your curves while using stretch materials to provide the comfort you desire.  We source American made zippers and hardware our dresses are proudly designed and hand-made in the USA.

Our clothing is constructed to give you confidence as a woman, as a mother and as a consumer. At Leche Libre, we want to celebrate strong women and strong individual style. Express Yourself!

About me:

I'm Andrea, designer and founder of Leche Libre. I'm stay-at-home mom mom of two awesome kiddos, Thora and Otto as well as a self taught fashion entrepreneur. When I had kids, I didn't want to change my whole life around. I believe it's possible and important to integrate our children into our interesting lifestyles. I started Leche Libre to help breastfeeding women represent their own personal style.

Look as powerful and confident as breastfeeding makes you feel.